Utility Warehouse (UW) is a bit different from other home services companies. The UK’s only genuine multiservice provider, UW offers energy (electricity and gas), broadband, home and mobile telephone, and home insurance options, as well as a cashback card, all rolled into one monthly bill. Customers can leave behind the days of remembering different passwords and coordinating multiple bills by signing up for UW’s services, saving themselves valuable time. What’s more, UW offers competitive pricing and bundling options, helping customers save money as well.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at Utility Warehouse’s service offerings to help you determine if you should make the switch over to UW.


Utility Warehouse’s energy offering includes electricity and gas. Customers who sign up for UW’s energy services can also opt to take a smart meter that will show you your energy usage in real time so you’ll never receive an estimated bill and you can proactively manage your usage. Customers who sign up for all of UW’s services will also receive 100% renewable electricity.

UW guarantees energy savings for all customers, beating the Ofgem “fair price” calculation by up to 5%.

Broadband and Home Phone

Utility Warehouse provides high speed internet, low-cost wireless routers and installation, unlimited data, and free calling to other UW customers when you sign up for its broadband services. When you sign up for home phone services, you can either set up a new home phone, or connect your old home phone number, even if you were using a different provider. UW will also cancel your current services for you so you don’t have to.

Mobile Phone

Utility Warehouse’s mobile service offerings include unlimited data, minutes, and texts for only £20 a month. The company also offers a value plan for only £10 a month. UW also provides flexible contracts, so you don’t have to feel locked in to any one plan.

Additionally, UW recently will soon be adding free WiFi calling and 5G to its mobile offerings. The WiFi calling service allows customers to make and receive calls and send texts where there’s little or no network coverage by using their Wi-Fi connection instead. The 5G service will be available to UW customers at no extra cost, and will increase functionality and response speed from the previous 4G network.


Utility Warehouse’s insurance options prioritise savings to help you protect what you care about. UW’s insurance options provide customers with free annual service and 24/7 support from a UK-based customer service team.

The insurance customer service team has received recognition from both Defaqto and Moneyfacts.

Cashback Card

The Utility Warehouse cashback card helps customers save as they spend, earning you up to 7% cash back from both online and in-person purchases at over 2,000 participating retailers. The savings you earn with your cashback card will be applied to your monthly bill, bringing the cost down even further.


In addition to savings for individual offerings, Utility Warehouse gives customers the option to bundle certain services, resulting in more savings and perks. Depending on your home services needs, the energy bundle, mobile services bundle, or “everything” bundle may be a good choice for you.

What’s more, UW recently announced its Peace of Mind Promise for customers who bundle all of Utility Warehouse’s services, giving you more opportunities to save.