No matter how passionate a reader you are, there are still chances that monotony may strike you at some point of your reading journey. You might resort to taking breaks or cutting down your reading time in such circumstances. But then, your flow might be impacted.

While it’s advisable to take breaks from reading at regular intervals, the reason should not be monotony. Here are a few tips that can provide that extra bit of excitement to take your reading experience to an all new level.

Using your favourite genre effectively

There must be a genre that stands out for you. When it starts to get a little monotonous, this should be your go to option. Whether it’s fiction or sci-fi, unless you have your favourite genre by your side, there are minimal chances for you to experience burnout.

This doesn’t mean you stop experimenting with other genres. Who knows you may land up on something more exciting and within no time, it becomes your new favourite.

Putting on Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are a multi-purpose instrument. They provide you with clarity of vision, protect your eyes from strains, improve your reading productivity and add elegance to your reading. Aren’t they a must have?

Whether you have a prescription or not, before opening that book, do put on reading glasses. It comes in all styles. You can also opt for blue light blocking glasses if you prefer to do your reading over a digital medium.

For those who suffer from both nearsightedness and farsightedness, there is no need for you to keep switching your pairs – thanks to varifocals. Varifocals are a wonderful creation of science. With reglaze glasses around, you can get your existing pair upgraded to varifocals to keep it light on your pockets.

Setting goals that are practical

It’s one thing to set goals, it’s another thing to be practical with them. If you are setting goals that are not achievable, it is only going to discourage you from reading as you might feel a sense of dissatisfaction.

So please be practical with your goals.

Creating a facilitative environment

A setting that is peaceful and allows you to focus on what you are reading can go a long way in making reading more fun. If you have access to nature, you can definitely spend some time reading in its lap.

You can also create your own facilitative environment by using things like plants, an aromatic candle, a comfortable couch and a lot of other similar things.

Two genres at a time

Picking up two genres at a time allows your mind to be diverted to different contents. This can prevent monotony that may arise out of sticking to a single bulky book, which is bound to take time to complete.

For some, going with two genres at a time might lead to mix up and confusion. So, this choice is completely at the reader’s discretion.

Joining a Book Club

The online book club that you may have been thinking of joining for a long time can be a game changer in your reading journey. So don’t hesitate and make that first step by registering yourself in one or more book clubs of your choice.

For all those readers out there looking to make their reading more fun, do try to include these tips in your daily reading routine. And yes, please do not forget to get your much needed pair of reading glasses. For the best options, you can buy glasses online in the UK.