It would seem that in this day and age, every business should be conducting video marketing. Videos can improve your on-page engagement (and, hence, indirectly help with organic rankings). This poses an excellent question for businesses: how can you use videos to your advantage? How can you be sure that your video marketing strategies are effective?

These are essential questions for business owners and online marketers to consider thoroughly. This post will discuss seven tips for businesses to create compelling videos to help boost conversion.

Here are seven tips that can help you create compelling videos for your business:

1. Create A Solid Video Strategy

One of the first steps in creating a compelling video is determining what your goals and objectives are. What do you want to accomplish with your video?  You have first to define why you are creating video content in the first place.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many businesses don’t give it any thought. They just go ahead and create videos without considering how they will fit into the larger marketing plan. You have to be clear on who you are targeting and why. Once you’ve defined this, you can then move on to developing a more formal strategy for your video content.

2. Tell a Story

There is a reason why movies are so popular — people love a good story. People want to see your business strategy in action. For instance, this finance company’s videos consistently find a way to connect with their customers emotionally and build trust in the same process. Show how you’re helping your customers and the difference your business is making.

3. Concentrate More on the Mission Than the Product

A video that focuses on the business’s mission rather than the product has more potential to stand out from the competition. The line, “What’s in it for me?” is a question every customer asks after the video ends, regardless of how great your product or service is. If you can answer that question during your video, you’ll naturally draw them in and have a much easier time establishing trust.

4. Don’t Be Boring

Video content is something that every company can produce. There are many ways to create video content for your business, but the most effective content can be the simplest. Think about how you can benefit from user-generated video content rather than creating videos based on what you think customers would like to see. People are more likely to take what they hear from other people in a more genuine sense than when it’s coming from you, the marketer.

5. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Today every business needs to have a mobile-friendly website. If your company does not have a mobile-friendly site, you have already lost business from your customers accessing the internet from their smartphones or tablet devices. Mobile devices have become a significant hub for video consumption.

With sites like YouTube being mobile-friendly, the lines between watching videos on a regular computer versus watching them on a mobile device are now non-existent. If you need more convincing, it will interest you to know 83% of video ads are viewed via mobile phones.

6. Educate Your Audience

There are a few ways that you can educate your audience in the form of video. People love learning just by watching, and you can take advantage of that with a combination of gripping, short video lectures. Whether you want to educate customers or sell them something, educate them on important topics that have to do with your business. The goal should be to keep your video exciting and full of helpful information.

7. Provide a Clear Call to Action

One of the best ways to get viewers to convert is by providing a clear call to action. It should be clear what you want the viewer to do after watching your video, and it shouldn’t be too hard for them to complete. Providing a compelling call to action is crucial if you want your video to be indeed persuasive.

Final Thoughts

Video content marketing has become one of the most popular online strategies these days. Many businesses are incorporating video into their marketing mix. However, for a video to deliver the intended results, you must develop a strong video strategy. There will be a blueprint to follow with a solid video strategy, and your video content will be much more effective, and you will see better results.