With COVID-19 in its wake, renovations and remodeling projects can be hard to get done. Some people are not letting workers in their homes, because of social distancing. So, the best thing to do right now is to renovate your house by yourself. Well, there are many easy projects which you can do by yourself. Speaking of which, here are several backyard renovation ideas you can do during lockdown, to keep yourself busy, while maintaining social distancing and keeping yourself and others safe. 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/pU8ArN6tmuw

  1. Plant More

Nothing makes a backyard look more lively and lush than plants. So, to add more life to your backyard, go to your nearest grocery store and get some seeds. These can be flowers, fruits, vegetables, whatever you want to plant in your backyard. The goal is to fill up the lifeless backyard with as many plants as you can. To make things easy, you can also go for astroturf. It is artificial grass that you can use instead of real grass to make gardening easier and hassle free. Simply, Astroturf is a carpet of artificial grass, which doesn’t need mowing.

  1. Paint The Shed

There is always that stereotypical shed in your backyard which looks outdated and totally out of place. It always looks worn out and makes the backyard look extremely unappealing. Here’s a way you can make it look beautiful. Grab some paint and cover the shed with colors which you feel will compliment your backyard and the greenery around it. If you like, you can also decorate the shed with plants and hanging baskets all around. This will tie the shed with your backyard and make it look like a part of your garden, rather than an old, worn out and outdated tool shed. 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/gQfeI4s5IZM

  1. Revamp Old Furniture And Put It To Use

If you have furniture lying around the house, put it to use in your backyard. If there is any type of furniture which can be used for sitting, then you can repaint it, change it up a bit and use it as outdoor furniture. But, if your furniture is not in good shape, then you can pick the furniture apart, paint it in different colors and use the wooden frame for decorating your backyard. You can use it as a stand for putting small plants and succulents. It looks extremely beautiful and acts as great décor for your garden. 

  1. Hanging Baskets

You might have seen hanging baskets, which have real or fake plants in them, around a lot of supermarkets. They are really easy to make and you can use them to decorate your backyard. All you need are real or fake plants or succulents, baskets, some string or light chain to hang them on hooks. You can leave the basket as it is, or you can decorate it with some vines and ribbon. Afterwards, fill up the baskets with your plants, attach the string or chain on either side of the basket and hang them up.